Technology for Earth, Energy for Human

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Meaning of Slogan

Meaning of Slogan Newpower

This signifies the creation of the very best, latest technology, enabling KEPCO E&C’s employees to lead the way in the world power plant EPC with their passion and creativity. It also signifies KEPCO E&C’s emergence as a new power in the power plant EPC market (emerging leader).

Meaning of Slogan Newstandard

This signifies that KEPCO E&C’s new technology is leading the global market as the world power plant EPC industry’s new standard.

Strategic Meaning

The slogan expresses KEPCO E&C’s commitment to entering the mainstream and leading the way in the global power plant EPC market. It also boldly indicates KEPCO E&C’s confident determination to make its new technological models the world’s new criteria, earning maximum attention in the process.

Message to customers

Message to customers

Corporate and industrial message

Corporate and industrial message