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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

KEPCO E&C, with the company’s philosophy, “Humaneering, which is the harmony of human, environment, and technology” that contributes to increasing the happiness for humans, to achieve our vision, “Global Leading Energy Solution Partner”, has the company’s quality policy,

“Improvement of Performance for Quality Management and Acquirement of Global Capability for Quality”

and pursues quality activities that complies with relevant laws and customers’ requests, and remain true its cardinal principles.

KEPCO E&C shall establish our Quality Management System (QMS) to meet all the requirements of ISO9001 / KS Q ISO 9001, appoint the Head of the QA & HSE Department as the quality management agent, and authorize him the responsibilities and rights for the establishment of process, implementation, and maintenance, which are necessary for quality management manual.

All the executives and employees of KEPCO E&C shall fulfill their responsibility faithfully by thoroughly understanding, and abiding by the requirements stated in the quality management manual with the goal of achieving our policies and objectives for quality management.

The Head of the QA & HSE Department shall have all the employees understand and implement quality policy, and through the regular quality audit and routine quality activities, pursue the continuous improvement in quality management system, and quality performance.

Going forward, we will continue our best effort to materialize the customer-driven values by entrenching the customer-driven culture company-wide and sustainable quality improvement. By doing so, KEPCO E&C will grow as one of the Global Top 5 EPC leaders. Through continuous technology development, enhancement of capabilities, and quality improvements, KEPCO E&C will devote ourselves to provide the best technological service to the customers, and will grow and develop into “a company pursuing customer satisfaction and prosperity of humans by leading the energy industry based on the advancement of power plant engineering technology.”

Quality Goals

  • Achieve Zero Defect in the Products and Services
  • Achieve the Best Customer Satisfaction (100%)