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KEPCO E&C has set ‘World Class Human Resources Development to Lead the Energy Industry’, as our HRD vision, and ‘Reliable Partner, Challenging Pioneer, and Energy Technology Leading Expert’, as our right people, to go along with the company’s vision and business strategy. Based on this, we are focusing on securing and developing talented individuals who has highly advanced technological ability and lead the domestic and global energy market, to live up to our reputation of top technology company.
The Human Resources Development Center (HRD Center) is in overall charge of training and education for KEPCO E&C. The HRD Center is composed of Overall Education Team in charge of education and training plans, Education Operation Team in charge of internal education, External Education Team performing education for the partners and other external customers, and our professors who give lectures during the education and training for each job.

HRD Basic Goal and Implementing Strategy

World Class Human Resources Development to Lead the Energy Industry