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Transmission Business

Transmission Business picture

KEPCO E&C is equipped with vast experiences and new technologies from 154kV to 345kV, and 765kV high-power transmission network construction project. Furthermore, we have implemented various projects including connecting Jejudo Island and the mainland using the submarine cable to transmit high-voltage direct current.

Major Project

  • Surveying Transmission Lines
  • Basic Design of Transmission Lines (Design Electrical Wires, Insulations, and Towers, and Determine Maximum Working Tension and Foundation Design)
  • Detailed Design of Transmission Lines (Prepare Construction Design Document, Develop Construction Methods, Prepare Purchase Specifications, Sag Design, Tension of Strand, Grounding Design, Basic Design, Review Material Drawing, and Technical Support for Customers)
  • Quality Inspection of Towers
  • Licensing and Lot Purchase for Transmission Line
  • Construction and Supervision of Transmission Lines
  • Comprehensive Performance Diagnostics for Aged Transmission Lines

154kV Transmission Line

154kV transmission line is a regional transmission network in Korea. KEPCO E&C has performed licensing and permission of transmission and distribution line design, lot purchase, materials and equipments purchase, construction and supervision. In particular, it is possible to provide differentiated technological services in design of the transmission lines which cross the seas, basic design of special towers, and design for subterranean lines.

  • Major Projects
    • Transmission and Distribution Line Turnkey Project of 154kV Sudokwon Landfill Site
    • Design Service for the 154kV Singoseong–Geoje Transmission Line (the Section which Cross the Seas)
    • Design Verification Service for the 154kV Tower Manufacturer
    • 154kV Special Basic Design and Relocation Tower Design Service
    • Diagnostic Services for the 154kV Palbong T/L Comprehensive Performance
    • Diagnostic Services for the 154kV Hagae T/L Comprehensive Performance
    • Diagnostic Services for the 154kV Hocheon and 1 other T/L Comprehensive Performance

345kV Transmission Line

345kV Transmission Line

345kV transmission line is a key grid of Korea. Most notably, we have performed basic design and detailed design of marine transmission line of Yeongheungdo. In particular, the basic design of marine tower jacket requires highly-advanced design technology, which KEPCO E&C is proud as being the best in this field. KEPCO E&C is endeavoring to develop new technology to fulfill customer demands not only the angle steel towers, but also pipe steel tower member type, high-tension wires such as TASCR, and HTA CSR, application of high-strength insulator string, and special steel towers between long spans.

  • Major Projects
    • Basic and Detailed Design Service for 345kV Yeongheung Transmission Line
    • Design and Supervision Services of 345kV Yulguman Cross Transmission Line
    • Basic and Detailed Design Service for 345kV Gwangyang Transmission Lines
    • Basic Design Program Development Service for 345kV Angle Steel Tower
    • Basic Design and Reinforcement Work Service for 345kV Tower
    • Selection Service for Transmission Line Wire and Overhead Line of Boryeong–Cheongyang Transmission Line Wire
    • Design Service for 345kV Subterranean Transmission Line

765kV Transmission Line

765kV Transmission Line

765kV transmission line is a key transmission network of Korea. It has an advantage of efficient use of land, and long distance, high capacity transmission. In Asia, Korea was the first to build this transmission line. KEPCO E&C has actively led from the basic design stage of 765kV transmission line, to contribute to elevate Korea’s transmission engineering technology capability one step further. Even in foreign countries, the transfer of 765kV Class transmission line engineering technology is strictly controlled. KEPCO E&C, after many investments and trial-and-error for the development of technology that would fit Korea’s natural environment and power system, has secured the current independent technology.

  • Major Projects
    • Feasibility Evaluation and Review Service for Basic Design of 765kV
    • Quality Inspection Service of 765kV Steel Pipe Tower
    • Implementation Design Service for 765kV Step 1 (Dangjin, Shinseosan, and Shintaebaek Section)
    • Steel Tower Basic Engineering Service for 765kV, Step 2 (Kori–Bukgyeongnam Section)
    • Technical Review and Basic Design Service for 765kV, 1 Circuit (Shinanseong–Shingapyeong Section)