Technology for Earth, Energy for Human


KEPCO E&C also has competitiveness in Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC), which has emerged as the next-generation environment-friendly coal fired power plant. IGCC is a clean coal fired power technology by gasification of coal under high temperature and high pressure and using it as a fuel. It has higher power efficiency compared to coal fired power plants, and compared to direct fired power, it is possible to reduce 90% or more in rate of sulfur oxide, 75% or more in nitrogen oxide, and 25% or more in carbon dioxide. Coal fired technology is environment-friendly, and can be converted into various uses such as production of chemical fuels, and numerous countries in the world are focusing on competing for technology development.

KEPCO E&C participated in A/E of 300MW class IGCC demonstration plant technology development led by the government to commercialize IGCC for the first time in the country. In the near future, if we can secure 300MW class IGCC engineering/manufacturing/operation technology, it can substitute domestic coal fired thermal power plant technology and is expected to have competitiveness in exportation to the global market.

IGCC Flow Diagram