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1000MW Class USC Coal Fired Power Plant

1000MW picture

KEPCO E&C has developed high capacity, highly efficient, and environment-friendly 1000MW class coal fired thermal power plant design technology for 6 years from 2002 to 2007 in response to the strengthening of global environmental concern and the securing issue of large scale power plant sites.

1000MW class coal fired thermal power plant has realized the technology of over 600℃ of main steam temperature, and 610℃ of reheating temperature, so compared to the existing super-critical pressure coal fired thermal power plants, the efficiency has increased by 20% or higher. In addition, for a 1000MW class power plant, 50 Inch LSB was applied for the first time in the world, to improve technology and economical feasibility of turbine generator. To minimize contaminant, it was designed to have the highest level of desulfurization and denitrification facilities, electrostatic precipitator, and waste water treatment facilities. Denitrification and electrostatic precipitator was applied in the design to reduce 70% or more NOx and dust emission. Plus, desulfurization facilities were established to reduce SOx up to 95%.

Like this, 1000MW class coal fired thermal power plant is installed with power capacity of nuclear power plant level, and state-of-the-art environmental facilities, to receive praise that the Renaissance of coal fired thermal power has been opened.
KEPCO E&C performed A/E for total of 12 units including Dangjin Units 9 & 10, Taean Units 9 & 10, Shin-Boryeong Units 1 & 2, and Shin-Seocheon Unit 1.

Major Design Features

Major Design Characteristics of the Next Generation 1,000MW Class Standard Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant
Category Major Features

Design Capacity

1000MW Class

Steam Condition (Main Steam Pressure/Temperature/Reheating Steam Temperature)

265㎏/㎠/610℃ Class/620℃ Class

Power Efficiency

Goal : 45%

Vacuum Degree


Operation Mode

Base-Load Operation



Ultra Super-critical,. Once Through, Single Reheating Type, Balanced Draft

Fuel Used

Bituminous Coal/Light Oil(When Starting Up)



Tandem Compound, Single Flow HP, Double Flow IP & Double Flow LP Turbine, Single Reheat, Regenerating and Condensing

Number of Rotation