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Research Reactor

Research Reactor picture

KEPCO E&C has performed A/E of HANARO, the independent model of Korea’s research reactor. Started being operated in 1995, HANARO is a multi-purpose, high performance research reactor for the purpose of performance test of nuclear fuel, reactor material test, material research, activation analysis, isotope production, semiconductor production, nuclear reactor R&D, and many other purposes.

The construction of ‘HANARO’ was performed in 3 stages. First stage was the review of feasibility to determine research reactor type; second stage was conceptual design and basic design of nuclear reactor and auxiliary facilities; and third stage was detailed design. KEPCO E&C performed concept design, basic design, and detailed design of the thermo-hydrolic system, auxiliary system, experiment facilities, and nuclear reactor building. In addition, we performed supporting task for owners on overall project such as establishing project management system of the owner, supporting certifications, management of the process, quality assurance, project supervision, and equipment and materials quality inspection.

KEPCO E&C performed the design of constructing 5MW class research reactor in accordance with Jordan Research and Training Reactor (JRTR) contract signed between Jordan and Korea in March 2010.

Furthermore, we were selected by NCSR Demokritos of Greece to improve the design of the Greece’s GRR-1 research reactor in 2008, to perform technical consulting on decontamination of waste system, improvement of primary system, and improvement of control room

Major Design Characteristics

  • Nuclear Steam Supply System
    Reactor Type
    Max. Thermal Power
    5.4*10 n/㎠/sec
    Absorber Material
  • Reactor Coolant Pump
    Thermal Power
    Core Cooling
    Upward force convection flow