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KEPCO E&C possesses nuclear engineering technology that fulfills various demands from customers. OPR1000 is the Korean Standard Nuclear Power Plant (KSNP) developed by KEPCO E&C through the self-reliance in nuclear technology and standardization plan. All 12 OPR1000’s, which are 1000MW class pressurized water reactors, were built by the independent capabilities of KEPCO E&C, and they boast the world’s top performance in rate of operation and safety.

APR1400 is a 1400MW class next-generation type nuclear power plant, which marks the first overseas entry of Korea’s nuclear technology. 4 plants are being constructed in UAE, 2 plants are in operation and 4 plants are being constructed in Korea. KEPCO E&C is constructing small and medium sized 100MW class SMART nuclear power plant in Saudi Arabia, and boasts the top class of competitiveness in the overseas market responding to the demands from many countries for small and medium sized nuclear power plants. In addition, we have exported the engineering technology for research reactor to Greece, Jordan, and many other countries. We are planning to secure original technology of core technology, and develop 1500MW class APR+, which reinforces the safety and economic feasibility, to pioneer the market as our main exporting reactor type in the future. Furthermore, we are enthusiastically pushing forward to develop third-generation type future nuclear power plants such as nuclear fusion reactor, Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor(SFR), and Very High Temperature Reactor (VHTR) for hydrogen production. Regarding decommissioning of nuclear power plants, we are also endeavoring a lot to secure technology competitiveness to take the advantageous position first in the decommissioning market.

KEPCO E&C's nuclear business is divided into two major services : A/E (Architect Engineering) and NSSS (Nuclear Steam Supply System) Design.

Architect Engineering (A/E)

KEPCO E&C, by participating in Hanbit Units 3 & 4 plant Architect Engineering on April 9, 1987, has opened up the main contractor age in nuclear Architect Engineering for the first time in Korea. Through the Hanbit Units 3 & 4, we were able to become self-reliant in nuclear Architect Engineering technology, and after that, opened up the OPR1000 era through the completion of A/E of Hanul Nuclear Power Plant Units 3 & 4. KEPCO E&C has continuously advanced nuclear A/E capability for the past 40 years, from building a base for the nuclear engineering technology, to securing essential technology information and systematic organization, organizing improvements and experience cases on design problems that appeared through the whole stages of building a nuclear power plants, such as engineering, procurement, construction and test run, and improving total project management ability such as process management and document management. Further, in the global market, we have achieved a firm status as nuclear A/E company with competitiveness.

Nuclear Steam Supply System Design (NSSSD)

KEPCO E&C, through the joint design of Hanbit Units 3 & 4 with ABB-CE of the U.S.A., and technology transfer program, have secured engineering technology in nuclear reactor field. Later, based on self-reliance in technology from Hanbit Units 3 & 4, we have completed Hanul Units 3 & 4, which have Korean 1000MW class pressurized water reactors installed in them, to open up the OPR1000 era. Through the government-led G-7 Project carried out for 9 years from 1992 to 2001, we have developed APR 1400, which is a 1,400 MW class next generation improved type pressurized water reactor, which has innovatively improved accident resistance, and reliability in safety facilities, to successfully advance into overseas. KEPCO E&C has jointly implemented with AECL, the 700MW class pressurized heavy water reactor-type NSSS design to secure global competitiveness in pressurized heavy water reactor. Furthermore, we are performing outstanding capabilities in technological support service to improve the performance, and upgrade the power of nuclear power plants that are being operated.