Technology for Earth, Energy for Human

Vision 2034

Strategic System Diagram

Corporate Philosophy

To contribute to the improvement
of people's quality of life

by leading the future energy industry
based on eco-friendly energy technology

Vision 2034

Technology for Earth, Energy for Humans

Core Values

  • Humans
  • Technology
  • Future

2034 Management Objectives


  • Focus on core competencies
    Invigorating core and growth businesses
  • Business diversification
    Advancement of future businesses
  • Advancement of the technology management system
    Strengthening energy technology commercialization
  • Enhancement of corporate value
    Building a sustainable management system


    • 1.1 Strengthening overseas business competitiveness
    • 1.2 Invigorating new & renewable energy business
    • 1.3 Reinforcing follow-up management of nuclear power plants business
    • 2.1 Promoting core competency for future businesses
    • 2.2 Invigorating digital convergence business
    • 2.3 Identifying stable business models
    • 3.1 Advancing information security management system
    • 3.2 Advancing technical competency management system
    • 3.3 Diversifying energy technology development
    • 4.1 Building a future-oriented management system
    • 4.2 Advancing the basis for collaborative cooperation
    • 4.3 Innovating organization, human resources, and culture