KEPCO E&C is preparing to take a new leap forward in the Gimcheon new office building.


KEPCO E&C, based on its corporate philosophy of promoting the happiness of mankind through “Harmonization of Human, Environment and Technology,” in order to provide the top quality technological service to the customers, which are environment-friendly and safe, promotes the following principles under the mottos of “Settlement of its Advanced Organization Culture” prioritizing health, safety and environment.

HSE picture
  • 01 We will establish, implement, maintain, and continuously improve an HSE Management System in compliance with the requirements of OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Requirements, which are the international standards.
  • 02 We will make it a part of our daily routine to observe all of the international and domestic health, safety and environmental rules and regulations, and other requirements that the company has agreed to comply with.
  • 03 All our executives and employees shall practice preventive activities that identify and take necessary actions for risks and environmental aspects related to health and safety, and environmental aspects take necessary actions for them in a voluntary manner.
  • 04 We will set the goal of achievement, measure performances, and continuously seek for improvement of the HSE policy to ensure an advanced health & safety environment.

We, all employees of KEPCO E&C, recognize that effective HSE Management System can enhance an integral part of the company’s competitiveness and shall do all that are possible to achieve global HSE culture.