KEPCO E&C is preparing to take a new leap forward in the Gimcheon new office building.

Future Growth Engine

Research Field

KEPCO E&C has been developing power plant engineering technology, and also continuously endeavoring to develop new technology using our core capabilities based on the Electric Power Technology R&D Institute established in 1982.

  • Environment
    • KoNOx® Catalyst and System
    • KEPAR Process
    • Simultaneous Removal Process of COD/T-N
  • Renewable Energy
    • Wind Power Plant
    • Tidal Power Plant
    • Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  • Operation & Maintenance of
    Power Plants
    • Management of Power Plant Lifetime
    • Probabilistic Safety Assessment(PSA)
    • Plant Simulation

Major Results of R&D

  • Process/System

    • IPIMS™
    • PM/CM
    • Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) and Risk Management Technology
    • Assessment Technology for Thermal Stratified/Fatigue in Piping
    • Fire Hazard/Safe Shutdown Analysis
    • Power System Analysis Technique
    • KCMS+
    • Nuclear Power Plant Environmental Qualification Adequary Assessment Technology
    • KEPAR
    • KoNOx®(Low Temperature NOx Catalyst System)
  • Computer Programs

    • HREX
    • FANDIA
    • Visual Shield
    • Optime-Generates Artificial Earthquakes
    • KoDAC
  • Key Element Technology

    • PLiM/PSR
    • Evaluation Technology for the Integrity of Welds on Nuclear Components and Structures
    • Cathodic Protection Technique for Metallic Structures
    • Valve Performance Evaluation Technology
    • Seismic Performance Assessment Technology
    • Real-Time Plant Simulation Technology
    • Transmission, Distribution & Substation Technology
    • Human Engineering Technology
    • State-of-the-Art MCR and Digital Control System Engineering Technology
    • Piping Vibration Monitoring & Analysis Technology
    • Piping Stress Analysis Technology
    • Earthquake Ground Motion and Earthquake Hazard Assessment Technology
    • Structural Safety Assessment Technology
    • Numerical Modeling Technology of Tsunami Propagation
    • Establishment of In-service Coating Maintenance Program and Coating Condition Assessment for Nuclear Power Plants
    • Site Selection Technology Using GIS
    • Assessment Technology of Weather and Atmospheric Dispersion
    • Hydrodynamics and Thermal Diffusion Furecasting Technology
    • Engineering Technology for Water Pollution Prevention Facilities
    • IHA