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Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Carbon Capture & Storage : CCS

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) is a technology that can extract carbon dioxide (CO2) and apply pressure to change into liquid state to store before emitting to the atmosphere. KEPCO E&C is developing technology that uses wet Amine to capture CO2 from the power plant emission gas. Currently, we have installed 2TPD (2 ton/day) capturing system for Boryeong Power Plant to gather information for optimization of process and capacity upgrade.

TEST BED Capturing System Chart Wet Amine Co2 Capturing Facility System Diagram>

Roadmap for Technology Development of CCS

Roadmap for Technology Development of CCS

Clean Development Mechanism : CDM

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is a system to set the green house gas reduction goal of the corresponding advanced countries on the base of the achievements made by the advanced countries implementing green house gas reduction business in the developing countries, since the Kyoto Protocol was established in 1997. KEPCO E&C performs CDM consulting, green house gas reduction consulting in the power plant field, and CDM related business development.

Clean Development Mechanism : CDM - 1.Project Planning, 2.Project Planning Preperation, 3.Approval, 4.REgistration, 5.Verification, 6.Emission Right Acquirement & Sales 500MW Power Facilities