KEPCO E&C is preparing to take a new leap forward in the Gimcheon new office building.

Vision 2030

Strategic System Diagram

Corporate Philosophy

Harmony of Human, Environment,
and Technology


Vision 2030

Global Leading Energy Solution Partner

Core Values

  • Challenge
  • Safety
  • Expertise
  • Reliability
  • Communication

Management Goals

Strategic Directions

  • Creating Innovation
    Early Promotion of Future Projects
  • Capacity Base
    Strengthen the Core Business
  • Industrial Initiative
    Advance the Energy Technology
  • Realization of Public Nature
    Social Values Management


    • 1. Lead the Follow-up Management of Nuclear Power Plants
    • 2. Expand the New and Renewable Energy Business
    • 3. Launch New Energy Business
    • 4. Advance the Original Business
    • 5. Creation of Growth Engine for Core Business
    • 6. Expand Global Business
    • 7. Advance Safety-centered Nuclear Technologies
    • 8. Advance Eco-friendly New and Renewable Energy Technologies
    • 9. Secure Fundamental Technologies on National Energy
    • 10. Realize Community-centered Shared Values
    • 11. Innovation of Management System for Business Transition Period
    • 12. Strengthen of the Human-centered Risk Management Syste

1) Social value goals to be pursued throughout the enterprise(consisting of 20 indicators linked 12 social values)

2)Amount of money that contributes to revitalizing the inclusive economy through social expenditure(Value-added amount)