KEPCO E&C is preparing to take a new leap forward in the Gimcheon new office building.

Vision 2025

Strategic System Diagram

Corporate Philosophy

Harmony of Human, Environment,
and Technology


Vision 2025

Global Leading Energy Solution Partner

Core Values

  • Challenge
  • Communication
  • Expertise
  • Reliability
  • Safety

Management Goals

  • Sales Figures and Operating Profit Ratio Goals
  • Future Growth Driver Sales Goals
  • Exportation Goals
  • Technology Development Goals

About 2025

  • Achieve KRW 2.5 trillion Sales, 10% Operating Profit Ratio
  • Achieve 25% in Future Growth Engine Sales
  • Achieve 65% in Global Business Sales
  • Secure 12 Core Technologies

Strategic Directions

  • Strengthen Competitiveness of Core Businesses
  • Secure Future Energy Solution Growth Engine
  • Strengthen Capabilities for Global Business
  • Advance Energy Solution Technology
  • Strengthen Sustainable Business Management System


    • Advancement of Power Plant Engineering Technology
    • Expand Businesses Based on Customer Needs
    • Selective Implementation of EPCM Business
    • Expand Engineering-based O&M Business
    • Secure Business Base for Nuclear Power Plant Follow-up Management
    • Expand Renewable Energy Business
    • Create Energynewbiz for Sustainable Growth
    • Strengthen Capabilities to Expand Global Business
    • Strengthen Infrastructure to Implement Global Business
    • Advance Safety Centered Nuclear Technology
    • Advance Environment-friendly & Highly Efficient Plant Technology
    • Diversify Next Generation Energy Solution Technology
    • Strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)
    • Strengthen Capabilities of Manpower to Enhance Execution of Strategy
    • Build Accomplishment & Development-oriented Organization Base
    • Strengthen the Enterprise Risk Management System
Harmony of Human, Environment, and Technology