KEPCO E&C is preparing to take a new leap forward in the Gimcheon new office building.


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KEPCO E&C is a potential company that has developed from a technology waste to an global engineering company. Based on these strengths, let's combine our aspirations and determination to solve the pending issues.

First, lead the energy transition policy and build a new growth cycle of KEPCO E&C.

Second, let's establish a foundation for sustainable growth and drive overseas export of the power industry based on core capabilities.

Third, let's establish the growth capabilities and management system to foster the innovative growth.

- Among the inaugurations (February 2018)-

Thank you for your constant interest and trust toward KEPCO E&C. KEPCO E&C was founded in 1975 at the dawn of Korea’s industrialization with the objective of achieving self-reliance in nuclear power plant engineering technology. The technological results that KEPCO E&C has achieved in areas such as nuclear power, thermal power, and renewable energy during the last 40 years have supported the economic development of Korea and the affluent life of the people.

Now, KEPCO E&C has taken upon the challenge of creating energy technology, which would make all humankind’s lives affluent, using the success of last 40 years as a stepping stone. This is also our corporate philosophy of ‘Humaneering, the harmony of human, environment, and technology.’

The basis of KEPCO E&C’s energy technology is to be abundant while having an affordable price, and be equipped with clean, secure, and diverse energy technology.

Accordingly, KEPCO E&C is continuously advancing our technology so that nuclear power, thermal power, and renewable energy would be most appropriate for these objectives. In addition, we have devoted ourselves to develop technology for a new energy source.

‘Let’s study hard, and work sincerely’.

This is the proud temperament that is like the DNA of KEPCO E&C. In the barren environment where technology, capital, and everything else were lacking, we studied at night under a light, and worked while holding discussions during the day to achieve self-reliance in power plant engineering technology. In the future also, KEPCO E&C will continue to strive for the development of energy technology that would make humankind happy and bring about ‘Humaneering, the harmony of human, environment, and technology’ in the passion and proud corporate culture, which was inherited from our previous generations.

We ask for your many interests and support so that KEPCO E&C’s challenge can become the new history.

Thank you.

Bae-Soo Lee, President & CEO